How to remove track from playlist? [resolved]

May be some experts here can help. How to remove track from playlist, only options per track are '‘hide from Roon ‘or ’ remove permanently from hard disk’’, which is not the case, just take track out of playlist, not hide from Roon or remove permanently.

May be some easy way not yet found by me…

Sounds as if you are in the Album or track view.
If you open the playlist, you can select a track (right click or press) and hit the Remove button in the upper right.

Many thanks Anders, simple things…I was on playlist but never ‘press’ the track, was just using the 3 points at right side …now easy, when a man has good guides…it’s easy, this community is very Good , now time for Roon to add simple things like folders… thanks again Anders for help and Happy Easter.