How to replace “partn” by correct tempo?

Roon Nucleus doesn’t accept manually corrected title

How can I convince Roon to accept my manual correction?
Roon identified the ripped album and displays see first attachment.

But when having manually corrected, see:
the corrected title isn’t displayed, the old title remains.
For other albums manual correction works as expected!

Hi @Michael_Graw,

Since these tracks have been grouped into a composition, you’ll want to use Work/Part tags and then on the Edit Album page set Multi-Part Composition Grouping to Prefer File

Hi @dylan.
No chance to remove [part1] ans replaced it by “Ouvertüre”! Any other idea how to delete [part1], [part2] etc?

Hello @Michael_Graw, I’d recommend trying the WORK/PART tags outlined in this article with MP3Tag or a similar tagging software.

??? I am working here only with a Roon Nucleus and the Roon App on my iPad when correcting the wrong data entities. Strange enough: the correct grouping is possible on some album by adding a “:” between work and part or by adding a leading number “n” before the part. But for other albums there is no way to get a grouping at all - even when selecting the setting in the meta-data register. Where can I find mp3tag in my Roon iOS app?

Thanks for your assistance. But I expect that my Roon app is powerful enough getting things done. Should I conclude that in some rare and/or random cases Roon is not able to delete wrong artists from an album/track ripped and identified by Roon nor able to correct wrong parts and regroup parts to one work? I thing one could expect Roon to override improper taggings and not expect to do things by a free (!) ware.

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