How to replace Roon Nucleus+ system SSD,SATA interface

I have a Roon Nucleus+, the SSD of Roon operating system is SATA interface, the capacity is only 64GB, because I have more music files, about 100,000 CD files, how to replace a larger capacity of SSD?

The OS drive cannot store music. You need to add a 2nd drive for the music.

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I know OS drive doesn’t store music files, but the scanned data files are stored on this disk, so 64 gigabytes is too small

Ah, I see, sorry for misunderstanding. I am not sure if you are able to reinstall the Nucleus OS yourself. But, let me ping @dylan to see if he can answer your question. And, I’ll move this to the Nucleus section.

IMHO, If you have a library of over a million tracks, then you will probably need a more powerful computer.

Yes, I currently have 3 NAS, a total of 122TB files, estimated to be over 1 million track files.I don’t know how to reinstall Nucleus OS at home. I plan to buy a 256gb SSD and then reinstall the operating system. Could you please help me?

Hi @Li_fangyi63,

Can you share a screenshot of the Nucleus Web Administration Interface?

The screenshot of the Nucleus Web Administration Interface has been sent to your email.

Hi @Li_fangyi63 — Can you share the screenshot here on the forums? In case you don’t want to post publicly I’ve sent you a Private Message that you can respond to that only Roon Staff can see.


I have emailed you the details. I plan to sell a 1TB SSD as the system version, but how will the operating system of Nucleus+ migrate to the new 1TB SSD?Can you give me a detailed operation tutorial?

Hi @Li_fangyi63,

Just to be clear, you’re wanting to install this for media, correct? Not the database?

If so, you can follow the instructions outlined here:

I mean how to replace the SSD of Roon operating system and database instead of the SSD of storing music files. Look forward to your help!