How to reset ROCK on my NUC before passing it on?

I have switched from a corei5 NUC to a corei7 NUC (which is working fine).

I want to pass on my NUC to a new home.
How do I remove my settings (e.g. 35% of the space in ‘Roon Database and Settings’ is taken up, presumably by my library data) and account info, to facilitate the new owner setting up his own account as if on a new machine? Hitting the reset button will trigger the ‘missding codecs’ error down the line and the new owner is not very tech-y.

On a side note: how can I update the server to the new 778 version (currently on 764)?

Reinstall the Operating System, then add the codecs before passing on.

Um - I don’t think that is sufficient. You have to reset the database as well…

Edit: perhaps you meant reinstall from a USB stick - in which case you are correct (the nuclear option). I thought you were meaning the Reinstall option on the web GUI…

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Thank you. If I hit ‘reset’ on the database, will I be able to reinstall the codecs from the web GUI or do I HAVE to find ROCK using windows explorer? Reason I ask: for reasons unknown, I cannot see/access Rock on my old NUC in windows explorer,

Got it done. Reinstalled the OS from the web GUI, reset the database and re-added the ffmpeg codec.

All good now.


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