How to restore default Album Picks selections?

I foolishly removed all the default album picks, and now would like them back as I realized I created a Picks bookmark and now kinda miss hitting shuffle.

Hopefully there is a way I can restore all the default picks.

Hamburger menu > TIDAL > Collections

Not tidal related. But the Roon / AMG album picks.

Ouch – that’s worse. The edits are stored in your database right now – and overrule Roon’s metadata.

Apart from restoring a backup from before you removed the picks, I don’t see a way out. @mike, perhaps?

I think this should work – make a backup first :slight_smile:

  • Go to album browser
  • Select all
  • Edit
  • Revert Edits
  • Select Picks

That should set all the picks back to what they were before they were edited.


Thanks @mike, that seems to be working.

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