How to retain Shuffle mode when playing new albums

This is a follow-up to another thread that was closed before I had a chance to respond. My question was, how do you retain Shuffle mode when playing new albums. I found a solution that works as of 1/1/2022: (i) under Settings > Play actions > Albums, toggle the Shuffle switch on; (ii) to play a new album in Shuffle mode, click the down arrow next to the ‘Play now’ button, and select Shuffle.

Note that if you just click the ‘Play now’ button, Shuffle mode will not be used, even if the Shuffle switch under Settings is turned on.

The approach suggested by Roon support in the original thread, namely adding an album to the queue when in Shuffle mode, isn’t a good fit for me, because the queue retains the unplayed portion of the album you got tired of listening to before choosing a new album. You can skip those tracks manually, or clear the queue beforehand – a bunch of extra clicks in either case.