How to search for artist name AND song title

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In Roon, how can I search precisely for an Artist name AND a song name?

I tried the following but they all did not give me my precise answer:

  1. Put in Artist Name and song name in the search field. it yields all irrelevant answers, ie. wrong artist, wrong song title, etc…
  2. Put in the Song name only: it does not give anything correct, or give too many irrelevant answers.

Please show me how to search for a PRECISE song from an Artist from the search field on top. I don’t want to manually going through all Albums and find my desire song.

Kind regards,
Phong Nguyen.


I think you use search then narrow it down with the funnel


Well, that was fast!

And it did work for me. I did not see the filter funnel icon to use it.

Thanks for your help @ged_hickman1 !

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In the search box, I just put in the more unique parts of both the artist and the track or album title. If I search “Moody Question”, responses include A Question of Balance under Album results, and Question under Tracks results. If I search “Gallagher Tattoo”, results for Albums start off with Tattoo by Rory Gallagher, and Tracks starts with Tattoo’d Lady by Rory Gallagher.

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Hey @Thanh_Phong_Nguyen,

Thanks for asking this question! And @ged_hickman1 we appreciate you sharing how to go about this!

@Neil_Russell, we’re grateful that you’ve shared how you go about finding the tracks you need.