How to search for two specific artists playing together

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I want to find tunes played by Ben Webster and Jack Teagarden together. How do I pose query and where in Roon?

I assume you are asking about how to find any two artists playing together and not just Teagarden and Webster, and for that I have no suggestions. But if those two are a particular interest it might just be easier to search for the album Jack Teagarden’s Big Eight as Tom Lord’s discography lists that album (which has appeared in many guises) and a single V-Disk recording of Sheik of Araby as the only places where the two are together. But perhaps you have other recordings that aren’t in Lord’s discography - if so, it would be good to know about them.

Unlikely you can if it’s not in your library as general search is a bit hit and miss. If you have stuff in your library you could use focus and focus on performers and select both.

thanks for reply

will try that