How to search only 24/192 in Qobuz and my NAS

Hello, can anyone help me to only search for 192-files in Qobuz?

Is there any special trick to do so?

I am going to try to provide an answer to your quoted question (and not to the topic title, as these are different)

As far as I know, from within Roon you cannot search Qobuz for hirez, or even more specifically 192kHz/24bit albums.

Assuming you are looking for a ‘generic’ search of 192kHz/24bit albums (and not specifically for 1 artist e.g.), the best way is to go to the Qobuz website

Click on All (or specific genre of your choice to limit your searc

In the menu that pops up to the right, select “In High-Res quality”

On the new screen, you will see a Sorting & Filtering’ (Sorteren en filteren in the picture) area.
Click on the most right dot at the bottom

Now you can select your desired quality

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Within Roon you can nog search your libary I.c. Local, Qobuz, Tidal.

Go to albums focus Qobuz, sample rate.

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What do you mean by go to albums
Can only find: my libary albums
And this shows local albums with 192

You mean, i can search all 192 Qobus albums?

If your ‘favorite’ Qobuz albums are added to your Library, then of course you can focus on these as well.

But one can only focus on the Qobuz albums in My Library.

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You cannot search outside of your library for specific resolutions. But every resolution that is is available for an album is available on anything searched. Search for the album you want to play it will play the highest res version available by default. Also ensure you add the format label to the album display settings and you will see what it is. All the different versions of any album are available from the versions tab.

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This is not 100% correct.

If you search for an album that is NOT in your Library, the highest resolution will automatically be played.
If you have 1 version of an album in your Library, it will play that one.
If you have different versions of an album in your Library, the one with the highest resolution will automatically set as Primary, and will be played.
If you manually override the automatic ‘Primary Album’ setting, your Primary album will be played.

Sorry if this seems complicated, in practice it is not so difficult.