How to search playlists

Dear @Albert-Philip_Burger,

You mentioned the playlists in connection with your reaction about Qobuz.

I still don’t know how to find my desired playlist. I can only peruse all my lists and find it, but as I have lots of lists that could take a lot of time.

Where should I type the titel of the playlist I want? If I type the artist I get all Qobuz’ albums. Where to look for my playlist?

Thanks for reading this,

Tap or click on the little funnel icon, top right, in the playlists browser. That will open a box where you can start typing the desired name.

I am sorry Brian. When I click there all kinds of things appear but no box appearing to put down the name of the desired playlist. On the left of the funnel is the box to type the name of an artist or album but not a box to find one of my playlists.
Thanks all the same,


I mean this. (Hamburger menu > playlists)

Then typing…

Any playlist from other people must be copied into e.g. Qobuz, Tidal og Spotify in the Playlist tag. Then they will appear in Roon (I had to close and restart Roon)