How to search Qobuz and not my Roon library?

If I want to search for something on Qobuz, the results are overwhelmed by selections from my own library and I cannot find what is on Qobuz. I want only Qobuz results.

Also, is there an option to search Qobuz for format?

There is currently not an option to exclude your own library in the search. There is an option for the reverse - Only In Your Library.

If you really only want Qobuz, you could go to Settings/Storage and disable your local library. This will give you only Qobuz results.

There is not option yet to apply focus abilities like filter by format, ie only 24/96 content, for Qobuz or Tidal like there is for your local library.

That does not work. I can disable my library but the searches do not return albums that I know are there and which I can access by logging on to Qobuz directly.

What I have to do is find the album on Qobuz, copy the info and then switch to Roon to find and play. Sucks.

Perhaps you might give an example of what you are searching for and not finding. I have just disabled all my local storage and Tidal service. I am finding everything that I expect to in Roon vs. the Qobuz app, but, maybe there is an issue with the artist/group you are searching.

I have tried searching for “5.1”, “multichannel,” “6ch” and "DSF in an attempt to find multichannel albums on Qobuz.

They aren’t valid search terms. It looks for artists, releases, tracks and playlists. If you search in the Qobuz app you will see that is all is returned.

Actually, there are a couple of multichannel albums on Qobuz which titles include “5.1” and that search does return them in the Qobuz application. These are available in Roon, but, just searching on the 5.1 does not return anything of worth. One has to search the whole title and then View All on returned albums. Example, “Le Nozze di Figaro, Edition 5.1” by Teodor Currentzis.

“Multichannel” does not return anything in either app, however, “Multichanal” does return some in the Qobuz app as it is part of the album title.

However, 6ch and DSF do not return anything of value in either app.

But, generally neither the Qobuz app itself nor Roon allows for focusing on format.

Multikanal has worked, as well. However, the bottom line is that searches do return useful information in Qobuz and much less so in Roon.

I am not assigning blame but looking for a solution.

I love Roon and I love Qobuz …but their new marriage is very rocky.

I have seen a ton of posts here and on The Computer Audiophile/Audiophile Style that clearly outline issues with this potentially awesome integration.

Unfortunately I have seldom seen a reply from admin saying “Great idea. We will look into that.” or “Sorry. That should work. We will definitely fix that.”

Replying with “Yup. You are right. That does not(will not) work.” is not too satisfying.

I agree with Kal. No one here is trying to blame. We just want to see these issues worked out so that Roon and Qobuz can live happily ever after…and so can we :slight_smile:


The search function is quite a bone of contention on this forum. I agree that it would be useful to be able to exclude the local library from the search. BTW what goes for Qobuz goes for Tidal as well.

I also agree that it would be nice to move from the problem/issue signalling by customers phase to the problem/issue acknowledging by vendor phase and be able to look forward a better, feature rich search-and-retrieve/fast navigation feature to restore relations between customers and vendor.

I would amend that to say “nor with Qobuz inside Roon” since Roon does permit useful focusing on format in the Roon library.

Roon’s Focus does work for Qobuz and Tidal content that you have added to your library. It’s important to recognize that “your library” is a logical construct, does not refer to storage.

But for contenting the service, that is not possible. It may be that the services do not provide an API for such searches.

Right, I read the OP / title as applying to things not in your library.

Yeah but I cannot “add them to my library” until I can find them.:grinning:


I agree with mitr and others here. I am a huge fan of Qobuz for both depth of library, number of options in high res, and sound quality. After lengthy passive frustration I finally found this thread.

The problem, in terms of customer expectations, is that the tight search and discovery integration available with TIDAL was not continued into Qobuz’s rich(er) library. This is something I think we could do some asking ‘why’, of Roon product management, and request that they achieve some kind of feature parity with TIDAL.

The next disappointment is that we’re now used to rich search functionality in Roon, and that functionality is not available (at least not per my initial, feeble efforts) in the Qobuz app. For instance, the rich and varied BnF (Bibliothèque nationale de France) collection has some real gems in it, from Serge Gainsbourg to Paul Tortelier. I would love to be able to see, for instance, just the classical, or orchestral, or classical vocal, etc., albums, but the best I can do is a ‘BnF’ search with the ‘Label’ radio button checked, and see everything in that large library. It’s a fascinating browse but if you’re looking for something specific it’s a pain.

So this perhaps the princess complaining about the pea, but Roon has previously set a high standard, and now we’re used to it.

Apologies if I’ve missed it - is there any regular or ad hoc communication from Roon product mgmt about a feature roadmap for Qobuz integration?

Roon 1.8 arrives next week apparently. From the announcement:

Roon’s Focus feature has long been the most powerful way to explore your own music, but now it goes beyond your library, giving you a 360º-view of artists, genre, performers, and composers. Filter and sort virtually any music in Roon by performer, producer, composer, label, and a wide variety of other parameters.