How to see my Database back up drive

Seems like there is probably a simple answer. I have a 1tb drive plugged into my NUC for database
backup. I’d like to replace it with a thumb drive that is more sensibly sized.
But…the drive doesn’t show up on my network and I can’t see it from ROCK. I can see the size of my database in ROCK so I do have an idea of the size I need, but its odd that I can’t see the drive like I see my NAS, etc. Is it just me?

Well, first make sure the thumb drive is formatted as exFAT.

You can see externally attached drives to a ROCK NUC by going to \\ROCK in your file manager software. You will see Data, under that Storage, under that different folders for each storage device attached to the NUC, both internal and external.

Thanks…for some reason even though I can see the ROCK on my network under Finder (MAC)
it doesn’t give me info on the drive. I can go to the ROCk page and see how much space is taken up by my database so I’ll use that as a rough idea. And thanks for reminding me to format the thumb drive.

I just happen to have a Flash drive connected to my NUC (never got round to removing it after some testing 6 months ago). Using Mac OS Catalina I can see this in Finder:

Screenshot 2021-06-18 at 19.00.29

Interestingly, I cannot access the flash drive (don’t have permission!) and using ‘Get Info’ shows 13GB Bytes used (of 16GB) which is probably correct. I don’t how it was formatted. It also shows ‘Zero Bytes on disk’…
Finder also shows the two 4TB USB drives attached to ROCK.