How to Select Zone

How to I select what zone to play to?

I know I can transfer zones, but I want to select the zone when I press play rather than have it play in the current zone then have to transfer it.

I was able to do this in 1.7, but I can’t see it in 1.8 if it’s there and I found no answers to this in the forums unless I misses it.


I feel like this might be a language thing or something but you just click the icon of your zone bottom right?

Queues are zone specific.

When you play a track, an album, playlist, etc. it pushes it into the queue of the currently selected zone. If you want to play that queue somewhere else you must transfer. This why simply pausing, selecting another zone, and hitting play ends up playing something else. It’s because you’ve changed the queue.

Now, to answer your question directly… You need to select your zone before you push anything into the queue. For example, Select your zone, Select your album, hit Play on the album (don’t hit the play button at the bottom of the screen). This will push that album into the queue, replacing what’s there, on the currently selected zone and the queue will start to play.

I hope that description helps. Here’s the KB article about selecting zones.