How to send HQPlayer upsampled signals from heavy PC to lightweight headless NUC for playback

Hi there

I have the following problem:

I have a powerhouse Windows10 PC (i7 6700 quadcore with 16GB RAM and CUDA nvidia grafics) on which are roon and HQPlayer installed with the music files locally on this machine. I also have a very lightweight headless Intel NUC with Windows 10 (Intel Pentium N3700) on which I have roon bridge running.

I can perfectly stream from the powerhouse roon to the headless NUC with roon bridge and into my DAC but I wasn’t able to stream HQPlayer signals to the headless NUC. HQPlayer is working perfectly on the powerhouse PC as I can use it locally.

What will I have to do to stream HQPlayer signals to the headless NUC???

Thanks in advance for your much appreciated help!

PS: The NUC has to be Windows 10 because I want to stream DSD512 to the NUC and a Linux can’t do DSD512 IIRC.

You will need to install Signalst’s Network Audio Adapter software (NAA) on the NUC:

Please note:

On Windows, Microsoft runtime is required, in case you get error message about missing DLL, you can download the necessary runtime here.

After installing, you can select the NAA NUC as output in HQP Settings > Device Settings > Backend > NetworkAudioAdapter

Hi René

Thank you for your reply.
I tried to install HQP NAA on my NUC but it only opened a cmd box and nothing more happend. I didn’t get an error (at all).

Do I have to close roonbridge on the NUC?

I was able to chose from NAA or NAA IPv6 in the settings of HQPlayer Desktop, but to no avail :frowning:

That sounds about right… Make sure your DAC is on and no other audio software (Roon Bridge included) is using or claiming it. (Your audio path will Roon > HQP > NAA, so Roon Bridge is not needed in this setup).

I’m not a Windows user, but your DAC should show under Device where it says Built-in output in this Mac screenshot:

I closed roonbridge and I was successful to play some music from the big PC to the NUC only from within HQPlayer alone.
Not via Roon…

But I can’t “see” HQPlayer in roon under audio :frowning:

PS: is it “normal” that I have to manually start NAA under Windows 10 so that the command box stays open?

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Did you put HQP in network mode by clicking the globe icon?
In Roon, HQP should then be found under Network in the Audio panel.


Hi Ruud

Yes, I activated the network Icon to allow network control.
I can also add HQPlayer under network but I have almost no options for Setup.

I even moved the HQPlayer part to the NUC that is directly hooked to the DAC but No Chance to control via roon :frowning:

I’m getting frustrated because I heard with HQPlayer alone how good it sounds but I’m obviously not able to configure it within roon to send the processed signal to the NAA. Without roon I managed but HQP without roon is not an option, no matter how good it sounds…

There’s not much to configure in Roon, other than adding HQP. All further configuration is done in HQP itself – Roon just passes the signal to HQP, HQP does the processing and offloads the processed signal to the NAA, which in turn passes it on to your DAC.

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Just to restate what Rene said,

  1. you setup Roon to send the audio stream to HQP. And that’s all you do in Roon.
  2. HQP must be running and the allow network button/icon must be active.
    a. If the DAC is attached directly to HQP machine then just verify that the DAC is
    selected as output and that should be it.
    b. If HQP is forwarding the audio stream to a NAA endpoint, make sure the endpoint i on,
    then set the output to to Network Audio Adapter, and the endpoint should show up in the next dropdown. and you should get sound. If you are playing DSD material, there might be more setup that is DSD specific, but test the setup with PCM first to make sure you are getting audio.
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Hi René, Ruud and Daniel

Thank you all :+1:
With your help I was successful and am listening now to HQPlayer via roon and it sounds excellent thanks to HQPlayer and is perfect to use, thanks to roon :sunglasses: :heart_eyes:

The point was NOT to have roon brigde running but instead HQPlayers Windows NAA “program” in the open commend box and to leave it open.

I’m a happy camper now :blush:


Apologies for reviving an old thread - would it be possible to give more details on this?
I have loaded the dll and also the NAA software on my endpoint - a Windows 10 mini pc.
I can select everything in HQP and also set up the HQP endpoint in Roon,
On the mini pc I can see the SignatAnalyst NAA open (terminal) and when I make selections in HQP on the main PC I can see settings updates being made in the minipc terminal.

However Roon will not play.
I assumed I had to have the NAA software open on the minipc, but is there anything else I need to do? HQP does find my DAC, but error message on Roon says can’t find HQP.

Did you go to Setup under Settings and use the “Add HQPlayer” button to add HQPlayer?


This KB page may help.