How to separate same-named artists?

Artists are not managed with unique information. A strange YMO is trying to break into my library, mixed with techno pop YMO. I do not like this intrusion. I want roon to recognize me as a complete stranger, is there any way to do that? If roon’s artist management is done only by the artist name, it is a disappointing specification.

Roon sources the metadata like artists from third parties like AllMusic and Musicbrainz. Sometimes it’s wrong. You generally have the options laid out in this post:

If you want to fix it locally just for yourself, you will have to create a new artist with the same name, fill in their metadata manually, and edit the artists in the affected albums to split them up between the two artists as appropriate. It can be a lot of work and you need to have these albums in your library

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Thank you Sueskies. I will check the link you provided.