How to set primary artist for compilation albums?

Hi, try to add metadata for my ripped vinyl albums. For collections with various artists. How can I set primary artist for a track. I can only edit artist for the album. I can see that albums that roon can identify primary artist is filled correctly, but I cannot find a way to do that for my manually maintained metadata. Is it possible?

When you’re editing track metadata, you can use the Credits section to add a credit for the Primary Artist for the individual track. Here’s an example, a compilation album with each track credited to a different primary artist…

Edit the track (use the “3 dots” menu), choose Edit, and then the Edit Track tab. Then edit the credits:

This example has used the Album browser. You could also get to the tracks via the Track browser, and filter for the album(s) you are interested in. This also gives you the means to work with multiple tracks at once - useful when you want to set the same Primary Artist for a bunch of tracks…

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Hi, thanks for guiding. I looked at credits yesterday, but did not see it was that powerful. I created new artists, pictures and assigned them. Thank you!