How to set the REPEAT function of an album

I am new to ROON and I am trying to get used to the many features it offers. I am increasing my knowledge quite quickly, but I cannot find how to set the REPEAT function of a whole album. I found out how to repeat a track as there is a REPEAT sign/button on the left side of the track. But there is no such sign/button on the side of the whole album. I would find it useful, for example, to be able to repeat a couple of albums by the same artist. If any of you may help me decipher this I would be very grateful. Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi Juan,

The Roon Knowledge Base will help with the learning curve.

The Repeat icon is found on the Queue screen (accessed by clicking on the music staff icon in the footer) to the left of the playing dynamic range display. Toggling it once turns on repeat for the album, twice turns on repeat for a single track.

To repeat a number of albums, create a playlist with the albums and toggle on repeat.


Thank you very much, Andy, for your help. I will check it out. Have a wonderful day.

I’m having a difficult time repeating an album too. Would someone please upload a screenshot of which icon I need to select to repeat an album? Also, once I repeat an album, is there an indication that the album will be repeated? Thanks.

Its a good idea to put it on the Q screen but also it MUST be on main page on an Album page and not hidden under menus; I also had difficulty find it in first place. In this case whenever I want to repeat a track have to go to Q screen first! Not good.


What’s ‘Q page’??


It’s the Queue.


Can’t tell ya. It’s anonymous.

Queue is showing tracks within an album…how do I repeat the whole album?

Ok, so click the repeat (loop) toggle:

Once to loop the tracks in your queue.

Again, for just the track.

A third time to turn off.


Thank you! Is there a visual indication somewhere of the setting??

What do you mean? The loop icon shows 3 different indicators.

No, also a number “1” on the lower right side of the icon to loop a single song. :slight_smile:

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OK…found it. It’s very small and I’d missed it…thank you!

If the album is already playing the 5th track and you engage “repeat”, which tracks will be looped? There’s a lot of history in the queue, how does Roon distinguish? Will jit ust repeat from the currently playing track to the end of the queue?

I agree with the sentiment that I’d really love an explicit “group repeat” or “repeat album” mode/button