How to set up DSD on the iFi mini DSD DAC

There are a bunch of options in Settings for DSD playback.

My DAC, the Playback Designs can handle up to 6.1 MHz DSD files natively.

How should I set the setting options to give me the best quality DSD reproduction ?

Which DAC do you have?

I have the same question. Inhave an iFi mini DSD DAC connected to a 2013 Mac Mini c 16GB of RAM.

Use DoP and the blue light on your iFi should turn on.

@Cemil - Not sure which Playback Designs DAC you have, bunch the following should work for most ( ie. MPD-3/MPD-5)

Use Exclusive Mode, Even Driven (if available), Fixed Volume. Playback strategy DSD Over PCM (DoP), Max sample rate disabled. ( assuming your DAC can playback DSD64 and DSD128 ).

I have the MPS-5.

Thanks for your help - it works perfectly and tyne sound quality is much improved. Sounds great now.

I have a Playback Designs MPD5 with the new USB XIII box that supports using the Merlot driver and playing Quad DSD files. I have the configuration setup above playing DSD over PCM v1.0 (DOP) with Fixed Volume. This is running on a Windows 10 machine. I’ve tried using the Native mode and that shows a 4x DSD file format but I get no sound when I use Native for any of the DSD formats.

Using DSD over PCM v1.0 (DOP), when I play 1x or 2x DSD files, the front display shows the correct DSD format playing. However when I play a Quad DSD file the display on the DAC shows a 352.8 kHz file being played instead of a 4x DSD format. Any ideas? Will this be resolved with the release of 1.3 and will there be Native support for DSD for Playback Design DAC’s?

Has anyone something new about using the USB-XIII and Merlot(s) with ROON?

Assuming that one uses the PD-supplied ASIO driver, I have some anomalies and I am hoping that someone else has already worked them out.

The current ASIO driver from Playback Designs has compatibility issues Roon. Andrea and Roon are both aware of the problems. I’ve been told by both Roon and Andreas that the ASIO driver needs to be fixed, however I was not given an ETA for this. Hope it comes soon as there is no quad DSD output at this time, quad is currently being converted to PCM.

I have both an iFI mini DAC2 with a max of DSD256 and a mini iDSD with a max of DSD512. I set my devices to native and DSD256. DSD256 because either the Mini or the RPi chokes on DSD512. If you have a DSD capable DAC why would you use DoP?