How to Set Up NAS located on Roon Rock in Volumio

I am clearly doing something wrong. I have a network share on ROCK as \Rock\Data\Storage which works fine in Windows and Roon. I tried to add the drive on Volumio (Roon Ready version) and get an error and the drive does not mount. I have tried using the ROCK IP address and Data\Storage as well. I have tried both cifs and nfs - no mount either way. I would like to be able to play the local library when the next big blizzard wipes out our internet connection for a day or two and Roon stops working. (Volumio is on a Roon Ready version of the MiniDSP SHD.)

It’s not a “cifs” share, it’s an SMB share.
And i’d stick to IP addressing in the UNC Path, name resolution can be a bit sketchy.

I thought that as well at first, but cifs is a dialect of smb and according to what I find online they are interoperable and that’s why people use the names interchangeably

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You need to make sure username and password are entered as guest and it supports the correct vsn of smb/cifs I have found some flavours of Linux will only connect using smb version 1. So if device doesn’t then it won’t connect. I had real issues getting my Ubuntu server that I use Plex on to connect when using cmdline or fstab. Using the os gui it works instantly.

And personally I would always use names if the router has a local DNS. There shouldn’t be anything sketchy about it if the router isn’t crap. Else one has to make sure that the IP doesn’t change - though that shouldn’t be a problem either with a good router, and then it becomes a matter of taste.

There are Linux distributions that only support smb1?? Which are those, Slackware? :slight_smile:

I didn’t say a Linux that only support smb1 I said I found that some they will only connect to Rocks share using it. Could not get it to mount at all using any other version of cifs using command line it just plain refused. Forced it to smb v1 worked.

I see. Weird, they all use the same samba more or less

Yep could not work it out at all had @killdozer help me and he was also befuddled. Odd that just using the desktop worked no problem but would need reconnecting on each boot which being a headless server was of no use. I don’t have any issue from my windows cor even my Nas and they don’t have have smb1 active.

Computers are strange

Like their owners I guess.

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Almost sure it’s a SAMBA version and option thing, would need my hands on and a chance to frustrate myself through it, but it wasn’t anything obvious.

Thanks guys for the helpful responses. I have not attempted to fix the problem since I first posted about it. Apparently there is a way but it requires something like recompiling the volumio kernal and since this is a customized version running on my Roon Ready MiniDSP SHD I guess I will leave well enough alone. Worst case should I experience a serious outage I will load one of my USB HD with music to play via the USB port on the unit, hopefully it will not come to that.