How to set-up roon wireless audio throughout house - complete beginner

I have just started using roon as my media library. All good so far. I am using windows 10, PC as the core. Audio playback is only through usb speakers currently as just in middle of swapping from old technology (CDs) to very latest technology hopefully! :slight_smile:

I want to improve improve sound quailty output and stream roon using wifi throughout the house. I have good wifi in the house. At the moment I Have no audio gear at all.

Budget is not an issue but I don’t need “perfect” quality either. Looking for reasonable quality but definitely will trade off for simple to use. I have been reading everything online and am completely confused . What do I actually need to buy to give me this solution?

I don’t think I need a NAS? - I am happy enough with PC as core. I do need a DAC I think. Or do I need a “roon tested” music server, or both? Do I need a separate amplifier. Do “roon tested” music server have amplifier built in? If I need separate amplifier does this need to be “roon tested”? And I need wireless speakers. Do I need a “bridge”? I think I do? Do I need a renderer? I don’t think so. Anything else? Simple if possible definitely best for me I think :slight_smile:

In New Zealand where I am, not all the “roon tested” partners gear is available. So my short list at the moment is Naim and Meridian,. Happy to be advised please.

Apologies for such a large question / help needed but I am totally lost.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m a fellow kiwi.

I might suggest you try to keep as much as possible wired rather than wireless.

You might like to detail some things like formats of your music, room sizes and to some extent genre and budget. Formats as some devices can handle more formats than others natively and others will require transcoding. Room sizes as some devices like active speakers etc will be fine for a desktop but not for a large rumpus or family room, budgets as many options exist in different priceponts, and last but not least genre as some performances will need more dynamics than others and will potentially impact more than one of the above…

Hi Paul,

Thank you for offering to help!

File formats are M4A. Main music genres is alternative, punk, folk. I thought if I got “roon tested” device etc wouldn’t matter as it would be roon playing the music?

We actually live in a large-ish 2 story apartment - 200M2. Looking to put speakers in lounge/dining, balcony downstairs, living and master bedroom upstairs. Lounge/dinining is pretty big - 50 M2 I guess, other rooms are pretty average say 20m2.

I don’t listen to music at very loud volumes anymore.

I was thinking wireless technology has come far enough now to not need cables. I guess my budget is around $5k, but can be more if necessary. Although as I say extreme quality is not required and I’m probably hoping for less.

Since you are using m4a files I would focus on AirPlay devices. AirPlay is stable and easy to use for beginners and syncs well with each other. It’s main limitation is that it cannot do high resolution files but it is fine for M4a.

The other plus of AirPlay is that there are many many devices out there at many price points to suit all sorts of tastes and decor. If you like Naim then I would look at the muso as a great all in one device.

Anything other than AirPlay is a lot more complex right now and is more limited in available options.

It’s easiest to run Roon on a computer and only use a NAS for backup purposes if required. You then need to connect AirPlay devices to the same network as your computer and there you go the AirPlay devices will likely ha e some sort of DAC or can just pass the signal onto a better DAC if you you want but each room will need a AirPlay device DAC amp and speakers but there are many of these in a single unit out there.

For simplicity and ease of use it is also hard to beet Apple network devices though they are typically a bit more expensive than others. Amy modern network devices should be ok.

Hope this helps get you on the way I’m sure Paul can give you some more specific pointers as to what the options are in your neck of the woods.


Not sure is oppo sonica is available outside USA yet but they play quite well in a single unit setup. Not so well in paired stereo mode. Us$300 in USA.

If you want appletv (not the latest version as its hdmi out only) can use the optical out or use airport express with optical 3.5mm or analogue out to any amplified speakers. I use these all over my house and works well.

I’m sue if you google for AirPlay ready speakers you can find a few…from mid-high prices. B&W etc are in the height range.

You could use airport express plugs( early ones on eBay) with speakers or buy AirPlay speakers, such as Philips Fidelio) to park around the house. They appear to be well reviewed and are good value at around £40 or so. I use an early Airport Express with Logitech Boom for kitchen and garden and it works very well.