How to Set Up the Nucleus within an Existing System

My question is can I just attach a few hard drives to the Nucleus via USB along with connecting the Nucleus to my router via Ethernet and then the Nucleus to a streaming DAC via Ethernet without having to add a monitor or a stand alone PC to this system. I am hoping that I will then control and view my music through an iPad. If my music needs to be added to I should be able to do this through a laptop or PC connected to the Network or in a worse case scenario disconnect my hard drives and attach them to my laptop or PC add or subtract music and then reinstall it to the Nucleus. I just do not want to create an whole new computer set up to just maintain the Nucleus and my music files.

Thanks for taking the time to see if I have the correct understanding.

A streaming DAC that is Roon Ready. Having an RJ45 jack is not enough.

Everything else in your post is GTG.

They are all Roon Ready; Auralic, Bryston and a TEAC.

I do largely as you describe; use a laptop to access the Nucleus (via WiFi)

I use an SSD inside the Nucleus and a USB SSD for backups

Short answer, Yes. It all sounds proper. You didn’t mention what DAC you have, but it should work. Once you have a network share set up for your file locations then you can copy or rip right to the Nucleus connected hard drives. That’s what I do.

Aren’t the Nucleus internal drives small and not meant for file storage if you have a large collection of digital files?

Nucleus has space for an additional 2.5" drive (it is recommended to use SSD). This drive is optional, you can have music stored on connected USB disks or on network shared folders (or only use streaming like Tidal or Qobuz)

Samsung 870 QVO is a perfect SSD for mounting inside the Nucleus, available in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 8TB.

RoonOS and database is stored on M.2 SSD (this is not for music, only for system and database). This SSD is usually 64GB or 128GB (you will never need more).

Thanks, that is what I had thought, but due to the expense of SSD in terms of an 8TB drives that would put it out of my league so USB attached drives that are not SSD in nature will be my option. I realize this might bring some noise, but I have my Router and system set up in an office in my house so it is not in the dedicated music room. I believe then using an SSD drive is not critical. The Nucleus may resolve my issues.

You can put an appropriate sized HDD in a Nucleus. It does not HAVE to be an SSD. Certainly there is no real benefit from the speed. External USB hard drives work well and are fast enough. And certainly cheaper.

I use usb drives on my rock, works more conveniently in my experience. Don’t worry about this supposed noise its just not relevant in my experience.