How to setup Auralic Altair G1 in Roon

i’m not sure if I setup the Auralic Altair G1 correctly in Roon for MQA.

Here are my settings are they right ?

MQA capabilities: No MQA support
Volume control: Device volume
Resync delay: 0ms

Advanced settings
Max sample rate: up to 384 khz
Max bits rates: 32 bits
Max sample rate (DSD): DSD512
Zone groupe delay: 0ms
Clock master priority: 0
Enable MQA decoder: Yes
Multi channel mixing: Downmix as needed

Thank you

Curious about this myself. If we say that the Auralic’s a renderer only, then Roon will do the first unfold, but will the Altair use its proprietary processing to do the second unfold? If using Lightning DS with Tidal, then the Altair will use the proprietary solution to do all of the unfolding, but it’s hard to tell what’s happening when using Roon.

Bumping this thread in hopes of getting confirmation on how to setup the Altair G1 for MQA.

Hello @Gregory_Schwabacher and @Chris_Leeper ,

The AURALiC Atlair will not engage its proprietary MQA decoding when used with Roon. That being said, Roon includes the official MQA Core Decoder so you will be getting the “first unfold” up to 24/96kHz when using Roon Ready streaming to the device.


Thanks @john. Should i stick with the default settings, which sets the MQA capabilities to renderer only?

Hello @Chris_Leeper,

“MQA Renderer Only” and “No MQA Support” should result in audio that is perceptually equivalent. “No MQA Support” may be preferable on a Non-MQA DAC as it could simplify Roon’s DSP chain if it is engaged during MQA playback.