How to setup HQP to do DSD512

Hey All,

I am setting up a NUC to take to the local audio shop to do a DSD512 demo using their T+A DAC8DSD. I wanted to know the best settings in HQP to upconvert 1. CD FLAC to DSD512, 2. DSD64 to DSD512 and 3. 24/192 PCM to DSD512.

Thanks for the help in advance. @jussi_laako

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poly-sinc-short-mp (2s variation if your cpu cannot manage); ASDM7 or AMSDM7

Hi Daniel,

Have you tried this out ? What did you think ?

Not quite there yet. Got the computer setup, but I"m not sure if it powerful enough. i7 4770k. I could put a spare NVidia card in it, but, I’d rather not increase the sound output as the machine has to be right next to the dac while I test it at the shop.

The 4770K will probably be okay on the 2s filters and not be able to do the others (at 512). At least thats what my 4790K does, tho it can sometimes handle the mining FIR and poly since ext. Adding a graphics card may get you access to more filters. 6700K and Graphics should get access to most filters with Auto Rate and Cuda off loading checked assuming your dac supports the 48K family.

Hi. I have Chord Dave and with the above settings I still get dsd256 ant not 512. I tried on two different computers both are very capable.

Appreciate your help.

Hi Imad,
Can you post a screenshot of your HQP settings ?

I tried all combinations that might work. No luck. Still dsd256.

Please find the attached picture.


You have it on DOP. As far as I know DOP would need an ungodly PCM rate for 512.

Yup, as Daniel says. Change SDM Pack to “None”, and select “Multicore DSP”.

Thanks for the reply. If you change the sdm to none, I will not be able to play dsd. It enables only pcm.

SDM Pack determines whether and how DSD Output is packed or decimated. None means native DSD.

These are my settings for native DSD512:

CUDA offload is for CUDA capable graphics cards to act as co-processors.

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Special thanks for sharing your screen. Yes, when I select none in the sdm I stop being able to stream in Dsd. The option in the main screen for Dcm become disabled. I’m using the latest Mac mini with i7 processor but no nvidea. I tried on another Alienware with i7 and nvidea 780 enabling the cuda. Same thing.

This is so puzzling.


I Do Not Think Dave can do DSD512 in the OS X environment. DSD512 requires native drivers to achieve. And there are no MAC drivers for the DAVE only Windows. So forget the Mac Mini.

I would start again with the Windows laptop and verify that you have downloaded the drivers from CHORD. You should be using the CHORD ASIO driver on the Windows Laptop. Keep in mind, however, that mobile CPU and GPUs are not as beefy as their desktop counterparts.

Drivers Here:

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Special thanks Rugby and to everybody for the help. Worked perfectly on Windows.

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Excellent! How does it sound?

The best ever. I could not imagine that difference between dsd256 and dsd512. But the Windows is noisy. I need to find a solution for that.

My setup is 802 diamond speakers, bi amp mc452 and unison research s8 (845 tubes amp) and the Dave.

I think if I was trying to solve this issue, I would keep the actual server with all the horsepower in a different room, and have a very lightweight Windows box near the Dave to just feed it. A windows box that is just serving as an endpoint can be very lightweight as no processing is done on it.

Yes The perfect choice. I have one i5 surface I am not using and I hope the fan will remain silent.

Here I have to use windows again :wink:

Hello everybody, I’m experiencing a low hiss noise when trying to play dsd 512 with HQ player, it only happens on frequency settings of 24 576 m, 12 288m plays fine. Thxs!!!
intel i7
samsung m.2 evo 960 ssd