How to setup Raspberry Pi 4 with Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 (*support)

I am a novice in setting up a Raspberry Pi. I am excited in trying to get the Pi running and playing my music. Saying that I need your help. My plan for now is just to use the Pi 4 USB (might add “HAT” later) output to the Pre Box S2 USB input and using Roon to control the setup. In my initial investigation the Roon support team had recommended I use Ropieee for the software to drive the PI (at that point I did not know what dac I was using). When looking at the Ropieee website it appears that the Pre Box S2 is not on their supported list. Will Ropieee support the Pre Box S2 and if not what software would be recommended in using the Pi with the Pre Box S2. Thanks very much in considering to help me with the above.

You’re using USB; the supported list is for DAC hats.

RoPieee supports different digital audio outputs. After it’s initial setup it assumes you have an USB DAC attached to it.

Martin thanks for info. Greg

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