How to setup Roon for the "play from here" popup?

I today spotted a much sought after feature in roon, but it disappeared and I cannot get it back, as follows:

On a Macbook Air, when clicking a track (in a playlist if it matters), I got a smart popup option ASIDE the track, instead of on the top of the page so that you have to move the mouse tediously from the track to the top of the screen each time.

This popup offered (from my memory) “play now”, “play from here” and one or two more options. Selecting one of the options, the track was starting to play, lo-and-behold-and-thank-god without the redundant and full screen “play button”.

Roon, please note that on a mouse-controlled device without touchscreen this extra PLAY click is 100% counter-productive when it comes to measuring efficiency in use by counting number of clicks. I am curious as to the reason why this extra click is there at all? It is redundant.

Back to the said smart popup feature: Suddenly this feature was gone again. What did I do to enable and then disable it? Haven@t got a clue. How to make it stay permanently on all type of osx and Windows devices?

Note that it would be EVEN BETTER if there was a settings option to enable normal media player behaviour, so that if yo click a track, roon would immediately start to play from that track, be it from a list or album. I am just so very eager to save mouse clicks when possible.

The rest of roon is perfect.

Hi Carl-Henrik,

I’ll set out the way it is. If you would prefer the popup feature be used in a different way and have a suggestion then I can shift this thread to Feature Request for broader comment.

The play popup you refer to is summoned by a lift click on a track in the Queue (except for parts of the track that are themselves otherwise active). It offers Play This Now, Play From Here and Go To Album. It does not summon Pawmasher (the full screen Play options) because the main reason for Pawmasher is to enable people to choose between sending songs to the Queue or playing them immediately. That doesn’t apply to songs that are already in the Queue.

So far as I am aware you can’t activate the popup in other screens, it’s a feature of the Queue.

Thanks. Got it. Want an alternative, but to be as effective as possible for roon R&D, I suggest I make (at a suitable time soon) a list of feature requests, rather than moving this particular request over there now. Not that the list is very long, but anyway.

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