How to setup Roon on a Mini?

Have in the past couple of days installed a trial copy of Roon on my Windows 10 computer and my impression so far is good. So on the basis that I will likely continue using the software how do I go about running Roon from my Auralic Mini. Is it the server I need to install and how do I go about installation? or is it Roon that has to be setup. I am completely in the dark as how to go about running Roon from the Mini and to be honest getting totally confused between Roon, Roon Server and Roon bridge so would appreciate some guidance. For your info the Computer and Mini are connected to a Graham Slee Majestic DAC routed via digital optical and digital coaxial respectfully.

Auralic Mini is an endpoint in Roon, not the core. You need to run the core on the laptop and use that to play to the mini. The mini needs to be connected to the same network.

Thanks for the info Henry_Mcleod however I forgot to mention that the mini has an internal ssd fitted with music files loaded. Now I may be getting confused here but could I for example use the Core on my desktop to playback files and move the Mini to another location and use Roon to control playback connected either using cables or stream to another device device. Sorry to sound like a complete idiot but would like to get it right before I commit to paying for Roon.

Using Auralic app, you control and play files at the Mini. Roon pulls the files, processes them and sends them back and that can be problematic assuming you can even reference those files. Better to keep them on the core machine or possibly a NAS. The knowledge base is your friend here on the best practice with Roon but also the question of how to use the Mini has come up before. I presume you can see the Mini in Roon?

Hi. Went into the setting and selected The Mini and after naming it as a zone am now streaming from the core to the Mini over my network. I think it’s going to be a learning curve to be honest and will persevere as I do like the interface and the way Roon structures the music albums and files. Thanks for your input.

You are correct. But be patient.