How to show albums without personal tag?

As title, I am going to tag all the albums so that there is at least one tag per album. How can I show albums without any tags?

If I understand you correctly, you are trying to get a view that shows all the albums in your library that do not have tags.

This is what I did:
from “albums” view click on “tags” and add all tags to the filter
this will show all albums with tags.
Then invert the selection to show all albums without tags:

In my case it’s easy, as I only created these tags for testing, If you have lots of tags this may be a little cumbersome. There may be another way that someone can suggest that uses tags more than I do.

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If you are on a desktop computer you can select all your Albums, then use (3 dots) export - Excel.
The tags are listed in column ‘P’ and you should be able to easily see which are empty.

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Thanks! Ralph

Remember you can add an album tag externally from Roon. use the ROONALBUMTAG or ROONTRACKTAG tags in your favorite editing program. See…


That’s a good tips. Thanks!

Can I add multiple tags in ROONALBUMTAG? I tried to write the ROONALBUMTAG tag like “vocal, jazz, pop” but it created one tag called “vocal, jazz, pop” instead of three tags.

Try using a semicolon as the delimiter instead of a comma?

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Thanks! It works!

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