How to show all matching tracks in my library -> tracks view?

I have for example multiple versions of Steely Dan’s Gaucho album.
But when I got to my library-> tracks, and search for “hey nineteen”, I only get one track.
It seems it’s from the “primary version” of the album, when I view the album and view versions.
When I change which is primary, I get a different version.
I want ALL versions in my library to be shown when I view tracks.
Is there a way to get Roon to do that?

If you break out the albums into separate copies (I.e. ungrouped, no primary version), won’t it then show all of the tracks as they are separate copies ?

Sorry to be clear I want to show all of my tracks on all version of all albums. Not filtered by primary version.

At the moment the albums are grouped as one album with multiple copies.

If you ungroup them, they will be separate versions and display in tracks.

Ah, I think I figured it out - setting “Hide hidden tracks and albums” to yes seems to have revealed all versions of hey nineteen at least. Will need to check if it shows all versions of all tracks…