How to skip parts

Not sure whether I can’t find it or this is a feature request…

I love the way Roon groups compositions together as one item. But how do I remove parts of that composition from my playlist?

Here is an example. I’m listening to The Magic Flute (Mozart opera) which appears in the playlist as a single item (actually two on this version, but never mind that). I decide that today I don’t want to listen to all the dialogue tracks, so I want to delete those from the queue. How?

I can expand all parts and see them, but the View Parts window only offers “play from here” and not the ability to remove parts.

On an iPhone you don’t seem to be able to expand the composition in the queue menu, however I have had success selecting/deselecting parts of a composition from the album view and then adding those to the queue.
Basically I think I’m saying you need to separate them out prior to adding to the queue.
Not sure if this works differently in a browser or tablet.

Hi @anonymouse,

You should be able to add individual parts of a composition to a playlist rather than the entire composition, this way you can skip through the parts if you’d like.

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