How to solve constant crashing and reconnecting to Roon Core

Hi guys,
I spent the last two days troubleshooting constant crashing and disconnecting using three Roon configurations, brain and eyes.

Nucleus Plus
Intel NUC 11 /i7 blah blah blah (ROCK)
MacBook Pro Silicon blah blah blah (Roon Core)

Raspberry Pi 4
Metronome DSS
Metronome DSS 2

Metronome AQWO C
Metronome Le Player 3+

What do you have to check first?
Whoever wrote a module for using Chromecast display should not write a code. Ever.
Disable the display and see if that works. It should work.

What do you have to check after that?
I copied 1TB to the internal drive and had 10GB of cache in about 10,000 folders and 12,000 files.
Just delete the cache folder.

If that does not work, you have a hardware problem.

Whoever created an architecture with such cache configuration instead of a database or whatever optimized should learn a lot. Any NoSQL can do that without any problem. For free.

Roon Labs,
Your QA sucks big time. Engage some work on overhauling the product at some point.

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Don’t be shy, tell us how you truly feel :rofl:

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Like someone who saw ChatGPT, and said, “But hey, we have been using better models for my company’s core business for fifteen years now. What actually did they invent?”

Or like someone who left IT in 2008 as instant systems engineers arrived.

Obviously, there is no quality assurance in place as they have been struggling with that for years now.

Hi @Danijel_Crncec,

First off, please accept our apologies that you’ve waited for a staff response for so long. Concerning your report, we’ve triaged system logs and don’t see evidence of recent crashing within the available window. If you’re able to provide an approximate timestamp as to the most recent symptom, it should help us proceed with our investigation.

But before we proceed, the content of your message unfortunately requires me to devote time and energy to enforcing the behavioral standards of this Community. Let’s be frank: your tone doesn’t inspire the real adult humans on the receiving end of your request to assist you with any promptness. This is especially true in the context of more recent activity on your account, including inflammatory posting on threads with direct instruction to restrict posting to technical reports,.

We won’t repeat this, so please take note: if you have feedback to provide about your experience around Roon or your expectations for our product, we will welcome these comments over in #feedback or #roon. Those forums are just as visible to the public and far more influential to the decision-makers you intend to reach with your escalation.

Sarcasm is not unfamiliar to the team and, provided you generally behave as a reasonable adult, you can maintain whatever tone you feel is essential to convey your message properly to staff over in the #feedback or #roon subcategories.

If you’re posting in #support, please refrain from sarcasm or vitriol, as it only serves to further encrypt the technical content of your message. Derogatory or directly inflammatory remarks won’t be tolerated. Please save it for social media.

We look forward to your response and we’ll continue to work with you to resolve your issue. Thank you for understanding.

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