How to sort albums within a Tag

Is there a way to sort albums within a tag? The albums seem to be in the order they were added with no option to order them by artist or by title. When I pull up all albums I get this type of option, but not in tags I have created.

Could you elaborate on tags you have created?

I’ve created tags like Box 1, 2, etc. as I have my CDs stored in boxes based on the type of music such as Jazz, Classical, Rock. So I tag any CD that goes in the fourth box as Box 4. Simple as that. I’m also tagging by music genre such as Jazz Piano, Jazz Vocal, etc.

Now that I look at them more carefully, I realize that they are sorted by artist. Sorry I didn’t see that earlier. Is that the default sort for a tag list? Or is there a way to sort by album title?

Tags are not in a good state, in my opinion. They are imprecise (because they are semi-randomly inherited where you never wanted to put them) and inflexible (because you can’t view all tags in a precise manner) at the same time. I wish they would undo the changes they made around 1.1 time… :disappointed_relieved:

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In the album view there’s a dropdown on the right of the screen which makes various sort orders available.

Sadness. :cry: