How to speed up the search…

I wish to speed up my search (for album) and such. Do I start with faster media driver, or just look to speed up my boot (Roon) drive. I have about 8.5K albums so about 130K tracks. I am using a new 6T WD Red Pro for most of my media, and using a m.2 ssd for boot/roon stuff.

If someone has experience with either of these items and or insight into the program beyond what a user can see, that would be much appreciated.

What are yor timings like now?

What are your system specs now, ram cpu model, ssd type etc?

Are you also connecting to Tidal and or Qobuz?

I am on a 5.1 Mac Pro, 3.46 hex, 48 Gig of ram, a Samsung 870 eve m.2 in a pice slot. No Tidal or Qobuz here, all home ripped files.

Thanks Mr. Fix It

What disk speed specs are you getting with the likes of BlackMagicDesign speed test or AJA utils?

The 5,1 is an older machine, and the cpus while fast in their day maybe won’t keep up with current generation silicon.

Depending on how roon is working core and thread wise the i7 Nuc used for rock compared to the best 5,1 setup might be outdone buy the NUC

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Thank you for the link, I have read it twice and am still thinking on it. Very insightful information. Back to the ‘search’ function, does it just hit the boot drive or do you think it even tickles the storage media? The query is all to the boot/roon database… is this is what is going on?

My understanding is it only hits the database but if you have tidal or Qobuz it could go out on the internet too

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