How to start the music server only on a laptop where the whole of roon was installed?

Years ago, I have installed Roon on a windows 10 laptop with 16 Gb of memory. I know, it is not the way the people at Roon recomend to do things, but it works for me. Sources are a WD Book, Qobuz, Internet radio.

Now, I wish to control Roon with a tablet. Is there a way to start roon on the laptop just as a music server, without the interface for control?


I think you have to install the server version. I have a mini and the core it is there. It is headless. And I do not Need Roon (app) there just the server. The roon app runs on my main iMac using the Roon Server in the mini. Or I can use the phone with Roon Remote, on start it finds the Roon Server on the mini. If are never going to use the interface for roon on your laptop and just control it from other devices go with the server version of roon. (I hope there is one for windows as I did not check)

go on roon, and go down. Where the fancy table with all available types of roon. There you have server for Win

I did the same, I was having the Roon on mini than I switched to server. Pls just follow the step by step guides. You can find them around the help site.

All the best

Thanks a lot, I got it. Have a nice day.

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