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Hi, everything is working well but I find it annoying when an album comes to an end and Roon either plays something new or the next album in an artists collection.

Is there any way to select between continuous or selected album only?

Cheers, John

The Roon Radio function (not the internet radio capability) can be switched off. Roon will then not select something from a similar genre to play for you.

Hi Henry - I am talking about audio from my music collection not the radio. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

Cheers, John

As @Henry_McLeod said, the Roon Radio function is part of the queue.

You are confusing it with the Internet Radio function.

OK guys, I’m missing something here.

I’ve never seen a link to Roon Radio and there certainly isn’t one on any tracks, artists or settings.

When my continuations happen it is not to radio - it’s to another track from my library as I’ve described.

I don’t use any of the paid for radio services as we can’t get them here in SE Asia, indeed most of the world.

What am I missing?

Cheers, John

I think it’s a confusion caused by the decision to name this feature ‘Roon Radio’. It’s nothing to do with radio at all. What it does is select tracks from your library (local or streaming service) that it thinks fits the type of music you’ve just been listening to.
Think of it as an intelligent jukebox rather than anything to do with radio. You should be able to turn it off from the bottom of the queue screen.



Many thanks, found it and turned off. Very counterintuitive. I have a huge vinyl collection so I like to play a digital album and then choose another rather than have an algorithm do it for me. Call me old fashioned :slight_smile:

Cheers, John


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