How To Stop Roon Adding Other Music At The End Of Albums I Have Selected To Play

I have tried to look completely through Settings to see how I might stop this but without success.

I am playing an album from my library and at the end of the album additional music is selected by Roon and continues to play. I want to listen ONLY to what I select and not receive suggestions or additional songs for playback unless I SPECIFICALLY request it.

How can I stop Roon from doing this. It screws up my listening experience?

You need to go to queue screen in Roon and disable Roon Radio.

Note this enabled by default and has to be switched off for each Roon control app independently.

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See screenshot.
Note at bottom I have Roon radio turned off.
As Carl states you need to check this setting on each control point.


Thanks very much to each of you for your help


What do you mean by “control point?

Sorry, each remote controller needs to have Roon Radio turned off at each Roon Remote.
So if like myself you maybe use an Android phone and an iPad as remote controls then each one needs Roon Radio disabling.
Hope that helps

Thank you for your reply. I did not understand the concept of “control points.” You post clarified that issue. Again many thanks.

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Sorry @AceRimmer thats incorrect. each Roon playback zone needs Roon Radio disabling in its play queue it has nothing to do with controllers. It’s zone specific not remote specific.

That is incorrect. You need to disable Roon Radio it in the play queue for each of the Roon playback zone you have enabled. This can be done via any remote controller, you don’t need to repeat this process on all your control devices.

Actually…it’s both from my quick test this morning.
If you enable Roon Radio notification in settings:setup it’s remote specific. Unless there is some serious lag in it updating between remotes but I don’t think so as the change in the play queue was instant over both remotes I used.
If you enable Roon Radio in each zone play queue it’s zone specific.
Kinda weird IMHO.
But I think the most important setting is in the play queue so yes in that case it’s per endpoint/zone.
Thanks @CrystalGipsy .
Not enough caffeine :wink:

Notifications yes as that’s a remote setting like all the badges etc. But enabling disabling radio from starting is zone specific.

And just to truly clarify, maybe control points is not the best choice of words( sorry Carl :sunglasses:).

So we have…
Roon Remotes.
These are any device you would use to actually play music, choose music to play via Roon.
For example iphone, iPad, windows PC android phone etc.

Then Roon Endpoints or Zones.
These are the units that music is actually directed to in Roon.
Could be any number of Roon Ready or Roon Tested devices.
Like streamers, dacs, CCA units etc.

Much simplified but hope you get the idea

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Thank you for your response. The responses to my inquiry have been very helpful.

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Yell at it:

Stop doing that! For Christ’s sake, if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times!

(Sorry, I just came off a thread about Alexa.)