How to stop Roon from adding Qobuz albums

Hi, I haven’t used streaming until recently. Now I signed up to Qobuz and notice that without my intention, Roon is duplicating a lot of entries in my library by adding a Qobuz-Volume if it’s available there. This is an extremely stupid behaviour and I want to stop this senseless duplicating of albums in my library. I know hoe to delete these entries, but if this get’s more and more and deleting them becomes a pain.
Please help!

Hi @WKW. If you’ve not done this already, perhaps setting Show Hidden Tracks and Albums to “No” may help.

The “Show hidden tracks and albums” button is on NO in my settings. As a radical work around I just stopped Qobuz, but this can’t be a permanent solution.

Hi @WKW,

Are these duplicates that you’re seeing purchased albums from Qobuz that you have stored locally?

I’ll bet that these are albums that you have purchased from Qobuz and imported manually into your local Roon storage. The issue has been acknowledged by the Roon team, and it’s likely that a fix will be coming at some point, if I interpret this post correctly:

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Yes indeed. These were previous purchases from Qobuz. So I’ll have to wait for the fix that’s in the works.

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