How To Stop Roon From Continuing to Play When Album is Finished

Whenever I play an album from my library, Roon doesn’t stop playing when the album is finished. Instead, Roon chooses music it ‘thinks’ is similar and continues to play random selections until I physically turn it off. This is very aggravating, to say the least. I have carefully examined every option I can find in Roon Settings - for instance, every place Roon Radio controls appear, I have turned off Roon Radio. I must be missing something, as I cannot imagine this is a designed-in feature that has no controls and is always on. Any help turning this off permanently on my system would be greatly appreciated.

This is Roon Radio.

No, no you haven’t.

This is still on -

Where is this? I have been through every tab in Settings.

It’s on your Queue screen.


You have to turn it off for every endpoint.


Thanks. It may be obvious to others but not to me. I would not expect to find a control like this there, but not in Settings. What else would Settings be for, otherwise?

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What can I tell ya?

Roon Radio is uniquely associated with an endpoint, i.e. there’s a different Radio for each endpoint.

That’s why there is no global setting.

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Thanks for your help. I guess I don’t think like an endpoint.


Thank you Michael_Bade
Dear xxx, I am completely bamboozled by your reply.
Could you please put a big button in the settings section with multiple submenus thereunder?
This is both a question and a request.

Why radio is unique to the current queue on a specific device it’s not a global feature as this allows you to have it on for some, none or all of your devices. Its triggered by the last song played in any play queue so makes perfect sense as to where it is. Perhaps default stance should for it to be off and users need to explicitly turn it on.

On a queue by queue (zone) basis -

My memory’s good, but it’s short. I think it’s been changed since my Feb '21 post.

Thanks, paul-woodhouse - I completely agree that there should be a Master on-off switch for Roon Radio in Settings. If Radio is turned on at the Master switch, endpoint controls would then be turned on. Endpoints should each have their own endpoint-specific controls which are enabled by the Master. The default for both the Master switch and the endoints should be OFF. If one wants Roon Radio, one turns on the Master and then eachendpoint control is turned ON individually. Otherwise, it’s insanity-indcing.


Can be a tad confusing …… threw me a bit when I first used Roon. Would be a good idea to have something in settings that gives a bit more info even if you had to finally turn off endpoints one by one.


In my opinion, there should be a global setting to disable the automatic starting of radio when playing ends. The per zone settings would still be appropriate.

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Sounds like a feature suggestion😉


@Michael_Bade , you will also find “Repeat All”, “Repeat Once” and “Shuffle” in the queue. It’s good to get used to using the queue. Multiple On/Off Settings → Global/Endpoint would confuse people more, and is a bad idea (what happens to a dozen Endpoints if you toggled the Global setting? Do they all turn On/Off?).

Why have master settings if not everything is configurable there would be my line of thinking.