How to stop Roon from creating Picks

Hi - just learned about Picks today. I saw that I had several thousand tracks that had the “Pick” metadata tag applied - but I never “picked” them. I changed all the tracks that had the pick tag to No. When I started playing some music, I went back into Focus and saw I had tracks listed again as Picks (not always the songs I was playing…)

How do I stop Roon from automatically choosing my picks?

Thank you - Jim

Are you saying that you removed the Pick from a Track and it came back on the same track?

These picks are based on reviews etc. You can add and remove pics as you like, I do, especially with bootleg albums, where I don’t pick the intro tracks making it easy just to play the music. I don’t remove them generally as I find it’s a good lead into unknown artists music. After that, I can ignore them.
Not sure why they would return, unless you re identify the album?

How do you remove all of the “Picks” and stop them from being generated completely?

This is obnoxious. I don’t buy books that other people have highlighted and absolutely do not want other people’s opinions polluting my music collection.

I can’t find any way to remove them globally, stop them from being generated, and remove the wasted column where they would be displayed.

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I don’t think it’s possible, just edit as you go I suppose. Personally I find picks very useful for diving into a new to me artist and a great way of highlighting music I like. An excellent feature.
One man’s meat is another man’s poison I suppose. They are also easily ignored, but a global switch off could be a feature request.