How to stream a station that requires a user name and password

station and stream cannot be added to roon because of the need for a user name andpassword. it’s a paid for station which does require the login. When I acquire fro the browser from the page source to obtain the mp3 stream link after logging in, shows my user name in the url. example: name)/uUW9wZlh3q8HCrFcvGs1gMy6fLJzPnEb/live.mp3?_=1" when copy and paste into roon add station it is rejected. is there some way to bypass the username and password?

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No, there isn’t. But with similar subscription stations, there has been a reference in the site faqs concerning how to specify the necessary url. Once done correctly you can add to my live radio.
Which site are you using?

Based on what you say, I think I’m going to have to check with the site’s webmaster somehow and see if I can get the correct url, and report back if needed. thanks

Ok. Let us know how it goes please. Your experience might be helpful to others.

As a shot in the dark try leaving off the “?_=1” at the end.

no combo works by leaving those characters off, but thanks

shot to the dark: you might try to put login and password into the link:"

Almost solved: I used a download manager (internet download manager that I had for PC) that allows for the bad url to be entered to download. It has a provision for authorization - enter user name and password. Entering it then puts a different but correct newer .mp3 stream url into a visible field where you can copy it. Trying it in sonos, and adding it as a tunein station worked on SONOS with the newly discovered url, BUT when copying it into the “Enter Station Url” option on Roon, it still rejects it for some reason. (Note I pay for access to this stream) I’ll report back if something changes