How to stream from (home of Classical 24) has a number of on demand streams on their homepage.

Is there a way to select and stream any of these with Roon?



I moved your request to the section the volunteer radio curators review station requests.

Basically, you need to have access to a direct url, not a player feed. You would add this url on the My Live Radio in Roon.

Cheers, Daniel

There’s one “Your Classical” stream in Roon’s directory already, “Relax”, but in MP3 128kbps format.
The others can probably be added by a curator (no time now, bed time…) or manually.
Main Channel:
Peaceful piano:
Classical kids:
Concert band:
Chamber Music:
Performance today:
Symphony Cast:
Composers Datebook:

NB: stream URL can usually be found with the “inspector” function of your web browser

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Thx. Good info. Will check out ‘inspector’. New to me.

Hello @Pluto, I’ve updated the streams to include the .aac streams (Thank you @alec_eiffel).
Easiest way to find them is to use the magnifying glass and search for yourclassical.

(PS. The daily streams have a date specific URL, so I haven’t added them)

Thank you so much Brian. You’re a jewel. Much appreciated.

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