How to stream Tidal music what is not on Roon

I found some music that is available on Tidal, but not on Roon.Tidal support answered that is depending on the music rights to stream and Roon and Tidal have different one. My further questions to Tidal how i can solve that wasnt answered at all. Is that true for generell streaming or is that true for specific countrys? I understand that Roon is an excellent streaming platform and player, but have no own library and uses others ones. So Roon acess Tidals library/platform, but what happens then ? So Roon proof the rights for artists and country and then lock the access, could that be ? I have no example right now, i had some, but that is a basic question. Thanks Robert

Each country has its own geofencing for licensing so you may find some material in one country and not in the other. But if it’s available when you use Tidal app locally then it should be available in Roon as it will use the same country for access.The only time I have found things don’t show up is new releases as they tend to trickle through as not all are sent to Roons database on release day. Try adding the albums in tidal app by adding them to your collection and they should pull through into Roon at next sync or you can force a sync.

An example would help a lot.

I have slightly over 1000 albums linked from Tidal and have not had any issues. I’m in the US if that makes any difference. If I ever can’t find a Tidal album in Roon, I simply “like” it in Tidal, then do a Tidal sync in Roon and it shows up, same with Qobuz.

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How do you do a Tidal sync in Roon?

Doug open the menu on the left and choose the Tidal Menu

Then press the refresh button at the top

Tidal works the same way.