How to structure album files within a Roon library folder

For my free Roon trial, I installed Roon (Core, server) on my desktop iMac and it automatically imported everything from the Music file: 15 - 20 years of iTunes junk, podcasts, audio books, ripped CDs and hires files from HDTracks. The library is a mess to navigate.

Now I am signed up for Roon and want to clean up this mess. I want to structure the library by album.

Can I:
Create a new Roon library to replace the old one?

Can I do that by creating a new folder maybe called Roon Library and copy only the tracks I want into that folder and then tell Roon to use that as my library.

If so, how do I structure the tracks and albums inside the new Roon Library folder. Do I create a subfolder for each album with the subfolder name the same as the album name and dump the album tracks there. Or do I create subfolders by artist and sub-subfolders by album.


Also, I assume when I switch to the new library that Roon will automatically add all of my Qobuz favorite albums in to the new library. Is that correct?

Yes, you can create a new watched folder for your organized files. Roon really doesn’t care too much about the structure so long as each release is in its own folder. You’ll need to move the album/ tracks to the new location, otherwise you’ll have duplicates in your Roon library.

This won’t affect your Qobuz albums.

This is how I’ve organized my music. Some also have parent folders for genre, format etc.

Roon library 
|__10,000 Maniacs
|         |
|         |_In My Tribe
|         |_Our Time In Eden
|         |_MTV Unplugged
__Various Artists
|         |
|         |_[by release title]
__ZZ Top
          |_Tres Hombres

Great! Thank you.

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