How to Suggest Corrections to Information in Database?

Don’t know where to file this one, and the problem isn’t with Roon but with the database sources Roon links to.

How do we as users inform whoever-the-data-comes-from that entries are wrong or need to be changed?

Look up Artist = David Crosby
Scroll down to “Main Albums” and select “All”
Scroll across his albums. You’ll see all his old stuff, new stuff, and then “David Crosby - The Values of Jesus - aligning your life with Jesus”.

That isn’t anything by David Crosby (musician), David Crosby. Apparently there is a minister out there who has put out a CD that now pops up in the wrong place.

I’ve found occasional other glitches in other places. But who do we notify to correct the data?

Hi Robert,

You can post them in Support > Metadata Issues.

I moved this post to that category.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks for the report, @robert_vanarsdall! I’ve passed a ticket along to our team so we can investigate this.

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