How to support multiple locations?


Current setup: Large ish (5K tracks) of flac and mp3, mirrored on laptop and cell phone. Using Black player on android for most playback (which goes bluetooth to stereo).

It is… weak…

Roon looks perfect for my house… but how do I solve for:

  • Music in the car (I would want the library mirrored to my phone)
  • Replicating to my other house

Can Roon replicate the library across multiple roon core systems?

Open to all input.

Roon is tied to your Roon core which is located on a computer device. It plays to end-points that are connected to your network by ethernet or WIFI. It is not available remotely, such as in your car.

With a single Roon license, you can have multiple Roon core devices, but can only activate one at a time. So, if you have a second core activated in your second home, your core at your first home cannot be activated and is not usable at the same time. You would need a second Roon license to use Roon simultaneously in two locations.

Roon does not sync multiple Roon cores. The only way to do that is to do a backup of your first Roon device to a USB drive, for instance, then use that drive to restore Roon on your second core device.


I get it:

a) I would need two roon core licenses for two houses
b) Roon does not handle syncing the two locations, I am on my own for that.
c) Roon does not solve for mobile use (e.g. media on phone)

Thank you for the clarification!

You would only need two licenses if you want to use Roon in two locations at the same time.

You can authorize and de-authorize cores. So, if the use is only at one location or the other than a single license works just fine.

Two houses two roons ! Each night the two nas qnap do a réplication. So I have the same files on the two location! It is great.
In my mane house i have completed all the image of each artist even if roon doesn’t found it.
I also set up a backup on Dropbox.
Problem : when I restore in the second house the backup from the Dropbox the photos are still missing? Impossible to do that one by one
Do you have a idea? Thanks for your help :mask:

It’s interesting. Maybe someday I’ll take this on, but for now the bug is not so bad. At my “country house” I listen to Tidal playlists.

I do wish I could do a sync from Roon to Tidal that would take a Roon queue, or Roon radio, or Roon sub genre, and create a “best efforts Tidal playlist” from it. So that when I’m at my “country house” I’m closer to the list of music that I would be listening to at my home. Replication of the music and all that is not that interesting to me, and sometimes it’s nice to be away from all the technical equipment. But my country house is probably decidedly low tech vs many others’.