How to Tag songs properly

How on earth can I tag individual songs in roon? I am streaming tidal and Qobuz 99% of the time and have playlists but want to be able to tag individual songs (for instance Downtempo, Chillout, Deep bass etc). When I click on the 3 dots when a track in open, there is no option for tags. How do I do this?

You have to ‘Add To Library’ before you can ‘Add To Tag’.

Tracks or Albums have to be IN your library before you can add tags or favorites.

They have to be in roon library or tidal? How do I add tidal tracks to roon library?

In Roon’s Tidal album view, there is a 3 dot menu on each track line

Tap then Add to Library

It adds the Album but only that one track it seems

At album level it’s the same a 3 dot menu to add to library

I cannot understand why Roon cannot automate these 2 steps and implicitly add the song/album to the library for you? Why require 2 actions when one will suffice?

It’s worse if you try to add the track to a playlist while playing (in Roon radio). Even if you add the track to your library, what is still playing is actually the non library version. So if you add it to a playlist, the non-library version gets added to the playlist. You have to first add the track to your library, the. “find” the track in your “library”, and then add it a playlist.

How insane is that?

Yes, but if you consider the infinite monkey aspect of the Roon user base, if Roon were recoded to do as you imply, someone would complain that tagging a track does NOT indicate a desire to have it added to the library! Some people get upset when a track or album crosses the threshold into their library without appropriate formality.

I see your point about not being able to please everyone, and it’s fair, but the current behavior is just silly.

To apply the analogy to a local library. Is it possible to have tagged tracks that are Not in the the local library? Is it possible to have a track in playlists that are not in the local library?
If the answer is NO in either case, then the current Tidal behavior is the exception, and it would make sense to harmonize the behavior.

I currently have two Tidal tracks in a Roon playlist. One is a library version that can be tagged etc. one isn’t. They also have different play counts. However they are both the EXACT SAME Tidal track. How is that even possible?