How to take advantage of Roon-Ready status?

Probably a very stupid question, please forgive me:

I own an Expert 1000 Pro Dual and use Roon. For the time being I am not a the place where my Expert is, but as soon as I come back I’ll install the latest firmware and OS.

When I have installed the firmware etc, what do I have to change in Roon or in the Devialet settings to take advantage of the Roon readiness?

I run Roon core and music library on an iMac, which is ethernet cabled to the Expert.


You’ll need to instal the latest Devialet OS/firmware update first.

In Roon’s Audio settings menu you should then see your 1000Pro listed as an available Roon Ready zone. Just activate that zone and then select it in the usual manner.

Note that you need a network connection to the Devialet (either ethernet or wifi) for a Roon Ready connection. If you’re using USB or one of the other digital connections you will not see the 1000 Pro appear as a Roon Ready endpoint in the Audio settings menu. It’s ethernet or wifi only if you want the Roon Ready benefits.

That’s crystal clear. Thanks for your instructions.

You may not be aware of some of the issues that Devialet/Roon users have had with Gigabit connections to Devialet Expert Pro series devices. You may not have a single issue but you should be aware that if you do have problems (Roon Ready status coming and going, skipped tracks, tracks not playing correctly, etc.) you may wish to run your Devialet using wireless or with a 100Mbps connection.