[How To] - Technicolor FXA5000 Network Gateway/Switch from Telus - ROON Arc Not Connecting - Error 502

Hi Jeff,

You might just be right. It could also be a cable or how the switch is connected to the primary router. It’s tough to say since we all seem to have differently configured networks. I’m glad it’s working though and for your particular issue, it appears it’s narrowed down enough that if you make a change to rearrange etc, you know what DOES work and that will help!

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Thanks, Wes. I spoke too soon. Turns out that when I have the Roon Core connected directly to the modem, ARC works just fine. However, Roon then can’t see my other WIFI roon-ready devices like the Bluesound Pulse Mini. When I connect the core to the WIFI router, it can see the other WIFI devices, but ARC doesn’t connect. It shows the 504/502 error again.

My networking knowledge isn’t great, so not sure exactly how to fix things.

It’s hard to give reliable remote guidance on this. However, the general theme is that there seem to be two networks in play. In your case, things may be working but it’s when something from the outside tries to communicate (ARC), it can’t find the route because of this.

I might ask your ISP what needs to be done on their box to ensure that devices on their box can communicate with your mesh system. They’re going to have the best knowledge on this unless someone else with your same ISP chimes in with their experience.

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