How to tell if a product is full RAAT for ROON

I am understanding some products aren’t full RAAT so that means you can’t group zones with different types of endpoint (airplay can’t be grouped with full RAAT for instance) I’d like to get all my zones working full RAAT. I have 6 zones. I added a Bluesound node 2i and it seems to work pretty good. I had apple TVs with optical out on all zones before. Is there any other product or even quick way to tell if a product is full RAAT. I was expecting my Kef LS50W and LSX to be able to group to my DCS Rossini DAC zone but then I found only by asking in the forums that it won’t work.


RAAT is the network communication developed by Roon, a device either supports it or not … so your use of term “Full RAAT” doesn’t really apply … but of cause different RAAT endpoints have different capabilities but that’s down to the functionality of the endpoint itself not RAAT.

There’s some good information in the Roon Knowledge Base on zone grouping, but in essence Zones can only be grouped if the use the same protocol… be that RAAT, Airplay, Meridian …

Hope that helps.

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Yes I was just wondering if you had a list of products say that are RAAT. So I think I’m right but just to confirm the list of roon ready network players you can assume those are RAAT? It is a bit confusing because for instance if you open bluesound Roon shows the devices. You open Emm labs and it just links to their website. I assumed when I bought roon and the nucleus that I would easily be able to group all my zones and play at once. I found out later (it’s not made that clear by Roon) this won’t work to group airplay and RAAT so now I have to buy all kinds of extra boxes to get it to work. It showed Kef as a Roon tested device but it’s won’t do RAAT so that makes it basically worthless since I can’t group with my other zones. This is very confusing and maybe it comes down to having to ask about every individual product before you buy it. It seems that I’m going to have to buy 5 Bluesound node 2is to get RAAT to all my zones. If there is another option I’d love to know about it but its definitely not that clear as far as I’ve been able to find.

All Ready Ready devices support RAAT and have been certified by Roon.

Roon tested, means just certified by Roon … these are typically USB connected devices, and I think some by HDMI.

The Roon Partners page has more details.

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Roon Ready devices support RAAT.

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