How to tell if Roon is/can connect to the mothership?

I’m messing around with a new Starlink sat, eero mesh and my home network.

Is there an easy way to tell if Roon can currently “see” home? It is my understanding that every 30 days or so Roon needs to verify its connected to the Internet, but as I play with things on my end I’d like to know if Roon is connected beyond my house.


I don’t recall seeing anything that might help TBH.

However I would do something like sign out and see if you can sign back in again.

Or add a new album and see if Roon can successfully analyze it.
If you get the metadata improver paused error then you know it ain’t phoning home.


I second the sign out and sign back in idea.

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easy - try it on an iPad or iPhone. If Roon can’t reach the servers, it will likely just lock up :grinning: