How to tell llibrary management there is a new album

i´ve added a new album after riping with dBpoweramp. 24h ago.

  • Total counter shows not the update
  • Roon is working, i can play music
  • no services, only ripped CD´s about 600 albums, 40% are shown as not identified

action taken:
i looked in the "-unidentified " section; it´s not in

  • used copz paste from the folder to search for a match; no match
  • i added another ripped CD no counter update update

You could try rescan from roon settings. Settings->Storage-> select three dotted menu from your storage folder and there “force rescan”

In what format did you rip your CD’s? (see also Roon FAQ) and in what OS are you working?

Please tell us some more details about your setup.

  • What is your Core running on?
  • Are you using a NAS for storing your ripped CDs?

If your music is stored on a NAS, then it is likely that you have to make “realtime watching” work with your size of library on your NAS (read more). Without “realtime watching”, you have to perform a manual “forced rescan” on your storage or reboot your Roon Core. (This actually shouldn’t be the issue after your wait time of 24h if Roon works properly.)
Another often seen reason for your issue is, that the added files are not “new” but a duplicate of an already existing album in your library and therefore automatically hidden by Roon (on default). See also:


I rip all to Flac. Due to the fact that this is a pilot installation it was about 13% tracks which are mp3 mostly audio books…
2% are flac and mp3 tracks of the same audio representiv. Roopn counts in the moment 8185 Tracks.
For the ripping i used dBpoweramp and fre:ac. No services only ripped CD´s.

This Pilot - Installation has
the core running on a Asustor (AS56104T) NAS. 8GB Storage/ Tracks counted by Roon 8185, this use 152.56GB of 16.21TB Diskspace/ Roon is the only app which is running at this NAS / Roon has only one Profile/ CPU usage 38% while adding new Files/ Ram usage 38% at that moment
i use the NAS for storing the app 600 CD´s (20.000Cd´s are waiting).
Net. Fritz!Box 6490 Cable/ 7 x OMNITRONIC CIA-40WIFI WLAN Multi-Room Amplifier/ 1 Magnat Speaker / 1 Sony Bravia / 10 Smartphones and Tablets / 10 Laptops and Desktops

Thanks to all of Your (and all the other ones which try to help me to understand what is going on here in Roon) !!!
Yes, i have difficulties with the User Interface (UI) of Roon. Thanks for the good description.
Back to the problem:
I did a “forced rescan” 12H ago! my opinion is,.even the slowest CPU would have found that data in that time.
so i looked into the area “multiple files”. i´ve picked one track “Liszt Liebestraum #3”. This is 11 times existing (diferent orchester, different year, different conductor, different location and so on because this is a collection not a jukebox), Roon registered all previous ones exept the new one brought in 2 days ago.
I erased all special character in the name/ forced a rescan/ Roon detected not the renamed track !
I erased now the hole album named each track manualy/ restored this / forced rescan / Roon detected nothing of the new Album ( none of the still existing, not touched “Liszt Liebestraum #3” !)

in adition to the original question this raises the question : what can be searched? only album? in This particular case I started to look for the performer “Igor Levit”. The new CD is only Igor Levit!

To confirm the import, make sure that the option “Show hidden files and folders” is turned on and then look for track by path (as instructed in the FAQ I linked already. I share here the new FAQ also directly:

As you seem to be new to Roon, please take your time and read some of the documentation also. I recommend you read at least the FAQs:

40% not IDed seems very high . What genre are they. Even for obscure stuff it seems high

May point to a connection issue maybe ?

You sure you have set the correct folder for Roon to look at for your music? and it’s down in hierarchy from that folder.

PS: I don’t think that such an underspecced NAS (Celeron dual-core processor, 8GB RAM) will give you a good experience with Roon and a 250k+ tracks library.

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What is going to happen? which malfunction is the result? music plays only part of the tones? Do you have made experience?
btw. the celeron in use is a quad core one.
I´ve generated 4 zones. each playing different genres in parallel. generating exportlist overall Tracks.
every thing is ok. so what kind of malfuntion can i expect?
What is next on my list: look into the network trafic. TCP is a collission protocol. i have over 200 user in the network. using a dedicated CPU can´t change that.

Sorry about that then. A guess was made on my part here because you were unable to to provide the correct model number.

Is documented in:

Also with an expected library size of 250k+ tracks, 8GB of RAM might not be enough. Swapping memory may slow-down your NAS and Roon significantly and may even halt your NAS and/or crash Roon should it run out of swap space.